Seclusion Islesbury

      Have a look at the environments Seclusion Islesbury has to offer with these screenshots. The game is still a work in progress and the visuals are being improved continuously.

Isolated and in ruins, streets of Islesbury is a not place that you’d want to be in unless you have a good reason.


This is your only refuge in this town or at least that’s what our protagonist Jason believes so. Dirty sheets are the least of his problems here.

Finding a safe home to live is not an easy task for residents of Islesbury.

Hospitality is a thing of the past…


For Jason, solving crimes of the past is not a matter of justice. To him solving crimes or letting criminals go unpunished has no importance. He chases criminals because he has to. That might be his only reason to keep on living now. That’s the only thing he knows.

Seclusion Islesbury Screen

Jason’s journey will take him to places he never knew existed.