After months of silence, welcome to the Seclusion Islesbury September update!

It’s been a while and it’s already September, but the game is still in full speed development and everything is coming together nicely. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems, development of the Seclusion Islesbury slowed down for a few months and this caused us to miss the game’s expected summer 2015 release date. It’s never easy to predict an exact release date for a game, but it’s close! In coming weeks you can expect more frequent updates and an exact release date for the game.

With that out of the way, let’s talk more about the game itself. As you probably already know, Seclusion Islesbury is a point & click adventure game with highly detailed environments and utilizes panoramic scenes with free camera controls. This was a very early decision in the development of the game and it ensures that the players see everything they need to see very easily and the game to be highly explorable in all the scenes. Main goal I had in my mind in the design stages of the game was creating a really dark and intimidating world with as little unwanted distractions as possible. This decision was dominant through all stages of the development and I’m glad to say the game looks and feels like what I imagined. Islesbury is an unfriendly, cold, and dark place that will keep you unnerved and intrigued  at the same time.

Seclusion Islesbury Screenshot

What a horrible night to have an investigation.

In this story, we accompany the game’s protagonist Detective James Endel in a cold case investigation of murders that took place in Islesbury years ago. This isn’t our protagonist’s only goal, though. With some recent information, he is also looking for clues on his wife’s disappearance that happened nine years ago and her mysterious death in a car crash five years after her disappearance. He wants to know where she was all those years, why she couldn’t contact him, and if her death really was an accident. But things won’t go as straightforward as he expects. Islesbury wants to keep its secrets to itself.

Seclusion Islesbury Screen

“Maybe I should wait until the morning.”

Gameplay is based on exploring the areas you visit and finding practical solutions to problems you face. These solutions sometimes require you to use the items you find throughout your journey and sometimes just some wits and practical thinking. In this town all secrets are protected and every person has one.

Story is a very important part of Seclusion Islesbury. To solve the mystery of this town, the murders that took place in it, and Jason’s past, you will need to focus on every detail. Anything you find and read can help you get one step closer to understanding the past, the present, and the future of this story, as tricky as it may be. Fear not, though. To a keen eye and a relentless brain, no challenge is too big.

That’s all for now, folks. Follow us here for more information and possibly a video trailer in the next update. In the meantime it’d be great if you shared the love. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.



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