Hello, everyone! It’s time for some exciting news. Seclusion: Islesbury is now available for voting on Steam Greenlight and waiting for your votes and support.

Steam definitely is not the only platform Seclusion is going to be released on (in case you don’t like to use it), but it is a very important part of the gaming ecosystem. It wouldn’t be wise to pass the opportunity of using Greenlight while it’s still available considering it won’t be so in the near future. Who knows, maybe the new system will better for Steam, maybe worse, but we can’t be sure. So here we are, making our way into the Steam Greenlight process!

That’s not all of course. To celebrate the occasion, I have prepared not one but two trailers for you to enjoy. I hope they are to your satisfaction and don’t forget to vote, share, like, do all the other good stuff!


Click to Vote!

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